Korean War Legacy Project

Teacher Network


The World History Digital Education Foundation and the Korean War Legacy Foundation are pleased to sponsor the KWLF Teacher Network. The purpose of the network is to provide teachers who are interested in teaching about Korea the opportunity to interact and connect with each other. As a group, we seek to share lesson ideas, expand our own knowledge of Korean history and modern Korean society, and advocate for the inclusion of Korean history in our curriculums. All educators who have an interest in Korea are invited to join the network, but our main focus is to connect educators who have participated in the various educational activities hosted by the Korean War Legacy Foundation and the World History Digital Education Foundation.

For any questions on the teacher network, please contact Shannon Pugh: spugh@WorldHistoryDE.org.

How to get involved:

  1. Sign up for emails and like the “Teaching About Korea” FaceBook page
  2. Participate in lesson plan contest
  3. Interview a Korean War veteran for our archives
  4. Transcribe interviews with your students
  5. Apply for a Mapae Grant – read more about Mapae Grants