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William Edwards


William Edwards was born on July 7, 1932 in Lubbock, Texas. After attending New Mexico Military Institute, he joined the US Air Force in February, 1952. He attended basic training at Lackland Air Force Base followed by Radio/Communications School at Keesler Air Force Base. In May 1953, he shipped out to Korea and landed at Incheon where he was assigned to the 607th Aircraft Warning Squadron whose job was to monitor enemy aircraft. He left Korea in 1954 and returned to Lowry Air Force Base and was assigned to Moby Dick Project. He left the Air Force and attended police academy in Amarillo, Texas before reenlisting in the US Army in 1960. After infantry training, he returned to Korea and was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division as Provost Marshall Investigator, investigating crimes of US military theft of $2,000 or less. In 1962, he rotated back to the United States to Fort Bliss. He left the military and attended West Texas State University, graduating with a degree in General Studies. He went on to a successful career in many leadership positions with several organizations. Today, he is retired and is active in the Korean community where he lives.

Video Clips

Base Life in Korea

William Edwards describes daily life at the 607th Aircraft Warning Squadron.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Home front,Impressions of Korea,Letters,Living conditions,Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

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Unexpected Experiences in Korea

William Edwards talks about hunting pheasants with shotguns and a "papa-san" who tried to smuggle out an interesting item from the base where he was stationed.

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Moby Dick Project

William Edwards describes his job with the Moby Dick Project, a reconnaissance program based in New Mexico tasked with monitoring North Korea and Russia with high altitude balloons.

Tags: Communists,Home front,North Koreans

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The Cuban Missile Crisis

William Edwards talks about the only time he was truly scared during his military service and his experience at Biggs Air Force Base during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Tags: Communists,Fear,Home front

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Progress in Korea, 1953-1960

William Edwards describes the progress in Korea from the his time there during the Korean War and his return in 1960.

Tags: Seoul,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction

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