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William Bishop


William Les Bishop was born July 23, 1936 in Stoneham, MA. Growing up near Portsmouth, ME he saw many Marines who had been wounded in Korea recovering at a local army hospital. After graduating high school in 1954, he attended Tulane University for one semester before deciding to enlist in the army.  While in the army William Bishop was trained in crypto-analysis and worked at the National Security Agency. Because he served during this time, he is considered a Korean War Era veteran. After his service he continued to work for the NSA while using the G.I. Bill to pay for schooling so that he could obtain a bachelors and masters degree, as well as do coursework for a doctorate.  After retiring from the NSA, William Bishop helped to found a chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association in Hagerstown, MD.

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"I saw the worst part of it"

William Les Bishop relives seeing wounded marines at a army hospital in Maine while he was in high school. Although he did not know much about the war, he became very familiar with the consequences. This was especially impactful because he was close in age to those wounded veterans.

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Schooling with the G.I. Bill

William Les Bishop describes his continued education that was in part paid by the G.I. Bill. He majored in government and economics before getting a masters in international relations. He explains that he was also working towards a doctorate.

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Continuing the Legacy

William Les Bishop discusses the future of the KWVA and what he would like to see happen to allow for its continuation. He has been involved for many years though the development of his chapter and around the country. He shares that he thinks that its very important to focus on the legacy of Korean War veterans, relying on the younger veterans like him to do this.

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William Les Bishop recounts his military occupation trajectory working for the National Security Agency from the beginning. He states that after taking a battery of test, he went to crypt analysis school. He explains why this was important.

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