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Samuel Nickens


Samuel Nickens was born in Miller’s Ferry, Alabama, near Birmingham, on January 28, 1924. He lived on a farm until moving to Selma, Alabama where he excelled in school.  He was drafted into the Navy, receiving specialized training in management and personnel. He served with the Cast Guard in New Jersey, then went overseas on the USS LaJeune and worked in various locations around the globe. He served in Seoul from 1968 to 1969, working for US General Steele as an administrative aide. He is very proud of his service because  it enlightened him to various world cultures and ways of life. Samuel Nickens is impressed with the growth of South Korea and believes the close relationship between the US and South Korea is mutually beneficial and should continue.

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His Service was Educational

Samuel Nickens says his service was very educational as he got to experience other cultures first hand. He says he had no negative experiences. He appreciates the society that has developed in South Korea, and believes that the alliance between the US and South Korea is mutually beneficial.

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