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Ross E. McInroy


Ross McInroy was born on July 24th, 1935 in Minnesota, but lived many places growing up. On his seventeenth birthday, he joined the United States Air Force. Following his dream of being a Radio Operator, he worked on RB-36 planes. While he traveled the world during the Korean War, during that time he never went to Korea. He recalls an opportunity to go to Korea as a front-line observer, but no one in the group took advantage of the opportunity. He describes his responsibilities during his service. He explains what he knew about the war during that time. Ross McInroy expresses an appreciation and reverence for his fellow servicemen that fought during the Korean War.

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A Chance to Go to Korea

While in Radio Operator school, Ross McInroy and his classmates were visited by a representative from the Army who was looking to recruit forward observers in Korea. Even though there were a few hundred members in the audience, no one volunteered. He attributes this to the Army representative saying that this position had one of the shortest life expectancies.

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Responsibilities in the Air Force

Ross McInroy had a lot of various responsibilities during his time in the Air Force. He describes what he did as an Air Force operator which included bomb-dropping simulations. Because being a Radio Operator was only 1/3 of his job, he also had duties that included jamming radar sites as well as serving as a gunner.

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Knowledge of Korea

Ross McInroy explains what he knew about Korea and the war during that time. He knew there was a chance that he could be sent there and that it was a “nasty war." He describes how it was a place he didn't desire to go. Finally, he explains what he knew about the weather and the plight of the people that were there.

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