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Rondo T. Farrer


Rondo T. Farrer was born in Milford, Utah on March 6, 1930.  He was the last born of seven children in his family.  He graduated from Beaver High School in 1948 and enlisted in the Utah National Guard to earn some money while attending the University of Utah.  When the Korean War broke out in 1950, he had very little knowledge of Korea with the exception of knowing that the Korean peninsula had been under the control of Japan.  During his service in the Korean War, he fought in the Battle of Kapyong with 213th Artillery Service Battery.  Upon returning home from the war, Rondo learned his parents had purchased some land (4 1/2 acres) for him with the money he sent home for them.  He still owns the land to this day.

Video Clips

Knowledge of Korea

Rondo T. Farrer explains how he had to find a map to find out where Korea was. He recalls asking his sister about Korea upon hearing about the war. He describes the "culture shock" he experienced when he first arrived in Korea.

Tags: Busan,Impressions of Korea,Prior knowledge of Korea

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Living on the Front Line

Rondo T. Farrer describes the food and living conditions on the front line during the Battle of Kapyong. He discusses how he felt being a part of the Battle of Kapyong. He shares his personal thoughts about the possibility of dying in Korea.

Tags: Fear,Food,Front lines,Living conditions

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My Mother Thought I was a Burglar

Rondo T. Farrer describes his homecoming from the Korean War. He explains how no one knew he was returning. He talks about the lasting effects of the war upon his life.

Tags: Home front

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