Korean War Legacy Project

Robert W. Hill


Robert W. Hill joined the Army branch of the military to follow the legacy of his father and uncle. He served multiple tours, including Germany and two tours of Korea. He describes arriving in Korea in the 1970s and the smell of rice paddies that greeted the soldiers. He explains the memorial at his camp to soldiers who were killed with axes by North Koreans. In addition, he describes how he felt that North and South Korea felt like they were moving towards re-unification.

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You Smell An Odor

Robert W. Hill describes arriving in Korea and the smell that greets you in the 1970s. He explains that the landscape and vegetation was barren. He describes going up to the DMZ and how it appeared to him.

Tags: Impressions of Korea

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We Always Carried Ax Handles

Robert W. Hill explains what his impression of North Korea was and the conflict that took the lives of his predecessors. He describes how some were killed with axes by the North Koreans while cutting down trees. He also explains that you can find a memorial to the men there made from the hood of their truck.

Tags: 1976 Poplar Tree Ax Incident,Living conditions,North Koreans,Weapons

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Thought They'd Be Unified Now

Robert W. Hill describes that after all his experience in Korea, he was sure they would have unified by now. He explains that everything in the news when he was there seemed to be pointing towards unification, including a drought in North Korea and the loosening of culture in South Korea. He describes a factory supplied by South Korea where North Koreans can work as an example of the Koreas getting along.

Tags: Food,Living conditions,Modern Korea,North Koreans,South Koreans

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