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Richard Miller


Richard Miller was born on May 24, 1933. He joined the United States National Guard and was activated by President Truman to serve in Korea. He only spent six weeks in Korea, his first time away from home, before he was forced home to finish school, per educational state law. After he finished school, he was still subjected to the draft, so he enlisted in the United States Army. He was required to attend basic training all over again, and he became a training Platoon Sergeant. Later in life, his work took him all over the world where he experienced the emerging economy of Korea.

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What Direction is Korea from Japan?

Richard Miller discusses aptitude testing required for service eligibility. He states that many of the questions focused on the geography of East Asia, particularly the location of Korea in relation to Japan.

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Truant from High School While in Korea

Richard Miller recalls he was sent to Fort Ord for leadership school after he illegally joined the military after his sophomore year of high school. He notes he was in an advance group to Pusan, Korea, in 1950 for six weeks on a fact-finding mission for training purposes. He recalls having to return to California for high school because a truant officer found out he was not in high school and was violating state law because he was under eighteen and not enrolled in high school. He shares he was honorably discharged in February 1951 so he could return to high school.

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Return Trips to Korea After the War

Richard Miller shares he returned many times to Korea on business, including visits to Pusan and Incheon. He speaks of how he worked for a company that did petrochemical refinery work. He recalls how the Korean government mandated half the material had to be from Korea. He adds he received a job offer from Hyundai manufacturing.

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