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Richard Friedman


Richard Friedman volunteered to serve in the Korean War against his father’s wishes. While there, he built bonds of friendship and brotherhood with both fellow American soldiers as well as South Korean soldiers. He recounts that losing friends was the most difficult aspect of service. He shares his reaction to prejudice within his company against South Korean soldiers and describes how he dealt with the issue. He respects why he was in Korea, what was achieved, and was ultimately proud to have served.

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Adamant about Serving in Korea

Richard Friedman shares how his father used his political clout to pull strings in order to have him sent to Germany out of harm's way instead of Korea. Richard Friedman refused to leave his company despite his father's actions. To negate his current predicament, he specifically volunteered to serve in Korea against his father's wishes.

Tags: Home front,Living conditions,Pride

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Prejudice Amongst the Ranks

Richard Friedman describes his reaction to prejudice among his company toward South Korean soldiers. He drives home the importance of respect. He shares how he personally treated South Korean soldiers as Sergeant 1st Class and the brotherly relationship he built with one soldier in particular.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,South Koreans

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The Loss of Friends

Richard Friedman shares that losing friends was the most difficult aspect of service. He mentions losing several friends during his time in Korea. He recounts how associations to one soldier in particular over the years continues to affect his emotions.

Tags: Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Personal Loss

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The Legacy of the Korean War

Richard Friedman coveys his views on the Korean War Legacy. He shares that no one was there to thank him for his service upon his return home. Richard Friedman states that the Korean War's Legacy needs to be built upon, and he acknowledges that measures are being taken by various individuals and groups to do so. He shares that he respects why he was there, what was achieved, and was proud to have served.

Tags: Home front,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Pride

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