Korean War Legacy Project

Richard A. Simpson


Richard Simpson served in the New Zealand Air Force as a YMCA Secretary from 1950 to 1952. His service in the Korean War became a catalyst for his life’s work and ultimately getting a degree in Theology. While in Korea, he realized that he wanted to help people. Helping people included giving the shirt off his back and talking people from suicidal tendencies. While YMCA secretary he provided soldiers a place for rest and relaxation from the daily hardships of war.

Video Clips

Civilian's Life

Richard Simpson recalls the despair of the Korean people. He describes an incident of a woman trying to commit suicide by lying on train tracks and describes giving simple necessities such as a shirt to Korean people. He offers an account of troop actions.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Cold winters,Depression,Food,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Poverty,South Koreans

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Tragedy of War

Richard Simpson describes the raping of a South Korean woman by an Allied soldier. He express his thoughts on the utter depravity of the actions of the soldier and his lack of respect for the human race. He describes this as the tragedy of war.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Poverty,South Koreans,Women

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War, What Is It Good For?

Richard Simpson describes war through religion. He questions what God thinks of war and ultimately what comes from war. He discusses the impact of the war on his life and how the war helped him enter the priesthood.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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