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Rahim Gunay


Rahim Günay served as a Sergeant for the Turkish army during the Korean War. His specialty was cryptanalyst and signal officer. Importantly his role for relaying messages about battlefield conditions helped with the overall war effort. He was part of the 3rd Brigade of Turkish soldiers in Korea. These soldiers saw significant action at Cheorwon and the Vegas Complex. Because of services like Rahim Günay, offensives from the Chinese military stalled. Rahim Günay is proud of his military service. He has revisited Korea and the transformation amazes him.

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Vegas Battle

Rahim Günay describes the Vegas Battle. At the Nevada Complex, the Americans were on the left and the British on the right. The Chinese attacked the Turkish soldiers in the middle. Further, for thirty-six hours the Turkish forces held off the Chinese Offensive. Also, this principle battle took place as cease-fire negotiations were taking place.

Tags: Panmunjeom,Chinese,Front lines

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Brothers and Relatives

Rahim Günay describes revisiting South Korea in 2008. The buildings of steel and thirty to forty stories amazed him. He enjoyed how Korean textbooks discuss Turkish involvement. Koreans showed their appreciation during his revisit. Rahim Günay identifies with Koreans and thinks of them as relatives and brothers.

Tags: Incheon,Panmunjeom,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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Being Drafted and Going to Korea

Rahim Günay describes how his regiment, Bergama Regiment, was drafted to go to Korea. He served as a Cryptanalyst. When first arriving in Korea the destruction of Korea amazed him. He also describes the conditions of the people. People were living in shabby shelters.

Tags: Incheon,Seoul,Civilians,Living conditions

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