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Otto G. Logan


Otto G. Logan enlisted and served in the United States Army immediately after the Korean War ended. He shares that his time was spent in Incheon, his days mainly filled with drills and training on base. He remembers the physical destruction as devastating and expresses his interest in returning to see the transformation from then to now. He commends the Korean people for their efforts in restoring their country. He is proud to have served and shares that his military service taught him to love his neighbor as he would anyone else.

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Never Seeing Korean Soldiers

Otto G. Logan describes his experience in Incheon upon arrival. He explains that his days were mainly filled with drills and training. He adds that during his time there, he never saw a Korean soldier as he stayed on base, only venturing out on a bus ride once.

Tags: Incheon,Fear,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,South Koreans

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Tornado Devastation in Incheon

Otto G. Logan shares his memories of Incheon. He likens the sights he saw to the damage from a tornado and expresses that it was devastating as he had never seen anything like it. He adds that he would like to return to see its transformation as he has heard it is rebuilt and beautiful.

Tags: Incheon,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Physical destruction

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Reflections on Kindness

Otto G. Logan reflects on how his military service affected his life. He shares that his service taught him to love his neighbor as he would anyone else. He also commends the Korean people for job well done restoring the country following the war.

Tags: Home front,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Pride

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