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Mike Mogridge


Mike Mogridge was born in London England and grew up during World War II.  He recalls the bombing of London and having to be evacuated out of London several times as a child.  He attributes his easy adjustment to the bombing and mortars in Korea to his experience of being in London as it was being bombed during WWII.  He was “Called up” by the British Army in 1952 and was sent to Korea as an Infantryman with the 1st Commonwealth Division-Fusiliers .  During his service in Korea he experienced combat several times during the 2nd & 3rd Battle of the Hook as well as on Hill 355.  Later in life he has still experienced flashbacks to his time in Korea.

Video Clips

Arriving in Korea

Mike Mogridge speaks about arriving in Korea in 1952. He talks about the food being served to the U.S Soldiers in Pusan (Busan)

Tags: Busan,British Veteran,Food,Impressions of Korea

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On the Front lines

MIke Mogridge talks about being in combat on "The Hook". He recalls some of the tactics used by the enemy. He also speaks about having to recover the bodies of the enemy dead.

Tags: 1953 Battle of the Hook, 5/28-29,Chinese,Fear,Front lines

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Mike Morgridge speaks about his first experiences in combat. He also recounts the death of a fellow soldier.

Tags: British Veteran,Fear,Front lines

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Flashback to Korea

Mike Mogridge shares his thoughts about death as well as his views about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He also shares a personal story of having a flashback some 50 years after the war.

Tags: Chinese,Fear,Home front

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