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Melvin Leffel


Melvin Leffel grew up in Colby, Wisconsin on a farm with two brothers and two sisters.  He was drafted two years after high school and was placed in the US Army.  He drove a tank with the 141 Tank Division.  His tank was equipped with a 90 millimeter gun, a 30 caliber gun, and 50 caliber gun.  He enjoyed his time in the Army and had no complaints about sleeping in the tank or the food that was provided.

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Going to Basic and Korea

Melvin Leffel explains that he was drafted into the Korean War in either 1951 or 1952. He attended basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He goes on to explain that though his memory is not as good as it once was, he remembers the war was already in progress when he was drafted and he drove a tank.

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Tank Division 141

Melvin Leffel explains that he was in the Tank Division 141. He explains that his memory of his time as a tank driver is limited but he has photos that serve as reminders. He shares pictures of himself next to his tank so that one can see the size comparison.

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Life Working in a Korean War Tank

Melvin Leffel explains that he enjoyed his service and the five men that he worked with in his tank. He describes having to sleep in a tent while in the field but often having to sleep inside the tank because they were always on the move. He goes on to explain that though he can't remember what he ate, he didn't complain about the food that was provided.

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