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Melvin D. Lubbers


Melvin D. Lubbers was born in South Dakota in January of 1931.  He grew up working on his family farm and after graduating high school was drafted into the U.S. Army.  After completing basic training at Camp Roberts in California, he married his girlfriend Nancy. Shortly after he was sent to Korea. While in Korea, Melvin D. Lubbers worked as an Infantryman and operated a 50 caliber machine gun.  He looks back on his time in Korea as hard, but when he thinks about how South Korea has developed he takes great pride in his service.

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Going to Korea

Nancy Lubbers describes her feelings when she learned that her new husband was going to Korea. She remembers being devastated because she had heard a little bit about the situation in Korea. She explains that they had only been married for a few months and she was worried that they wouldn’t be able to contact each other.

Tags: Fear,Home front

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Incheon Destruction

Melvin D. Lubbers talks about the physical destruction he saw in Incheon upon his arrival in Korea. He explains that they didn’t get to a see a lot because it was nighttime, and they had been loaded up to move to another part. He remembers thinking “how could anyone even survive?”

Tags: Incheon,Fear,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction

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Machine Gun

Melvin D. Lubbers discusses the 50 caliber machine gun that he operated while in Korea. He explains that it is a large, rapid-firing gun that is very lethal. He remembers that it was very heavy.

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Living Conditions

Melvin D. Lubbers discusses the living conditions he experienced while stationed in Korea. He shares how they were unable to shower after crawling around in the mud. He remembers having to use his helmet for lots of different things and that the food was not enjoyable.

Tags: Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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Nancy Lubbers describes the homecoming of her husband, Melvin D. Lubbers from service in Korea in August 1953. She was very overwhelmed and very excited to see him. She explains that she didn’t know what was going on in Korea and why she believes the war has been forgotten.

Tags: Home front,Pride

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