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Mehmet Copten


Mehmet Çöpten served in the Turkish infantry as a Sergeant during the Korean War. He was part of the 3rd Brigade of Turkish soldiers that went to Korea in 1952. He saw action Cheorwon and the Nevada Complex. His unit encountered the Chinese on many occasions. None of the soldiers under Mehmet Çöpten’s command were ever injured. He is proud of his service during the Korean War. He has revisited and Korea progressed more than he could have ever imagined.

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Devastation of Korea

Mehmet Çöpten describes the condition of Korea when he landed in Busan. The city was destroyed from war. People, specifically children were orphaned and starving. The Turkish troops were being supplied by the American forces and had more than enough food. They would secretly give food to the children and needy.

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Papasan Hill, aka Hill 1062

Mehmet Çöpten describes Papasan Hill near Cheorwon. This is a battlefront in the Iron Triangle. He describes how deceptive the Chinese fighters were. The Turkish soldiers had to come up with a code to send messages when the Chinese were attacking. The Chinese would even use soldiers surrendering as a cover to launch an attack. The Turkish soldiers had to be constantly aware of a possible attack.

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Vegas Front

Mehmet Çöpten describes the Vegas Front. He describes how the Chinese used howitzers on one hill, while simultaneously attacking another. The Turkish fighters lost one hundred and fifty-three men. The fighting took place over thirty-six hours. They eventually won the battle and the front. The Turkish fighters then turned over the front to the American forces.

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