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Mehmet Cemil Yasar


Mehmet Cemil Yasar served in the Turkish army during the Korean War. He enlisted in the military in 1949 and went to Korea in 1950. He was part of the first wave of Turkish soldiers in Korea. Mehmet Cecil Yasar saw fighting at the famed Battle of Kunu-ri and Geumyangjangri Front. During his time served, the Allied forces re-captured Seoul and pushed into territory north of the 38th parallel. Above all, Mehmet Cecil Yasar saw the horrors of war, yet is proud of the Turkish fighters.

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Geumyangjangri Front

Mehmet Cemil Yasar describes the fighting conditions at the Geumyangjangri Front. The Chinese were surrounded and could not escape. Therefore, this battle helped the Allies maintain control of the advancing Chinese Army. Further, he also describes the overall destruction that war brought. Towns were bombed out and looted. However, Pyongyang had people, while the South suffered.

Tags: Pyungyang,Chinese,Front lines,Living conditions,North Koreans,Physical destruction,South Koreans

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Battle of Kunu-ri

Mehmet Cemil Yasar describes the Battle of Kunu-ri. The Battle is famous for Turkish soldiers. The engagement was very fierce. However, the Turkish were able to turn back a larger Chinese force. Mehmet Cecil Yasar describes how the Chinese attacked at night. The Turkish fighters lost many troops during the Battle of Kunu-ri.

Tags: Chinese,Fear,Front lines,Pride

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First Experiences of War

Mehmet Cemil Yasar describes the people he encountered after arriving in Korea. He describes how Busan was a ghost town. He saw only one person, who had frozen to death. The buildings were all riddled with bullets. Overall the war brought hunger, misery, disease and death. Mehmet Cecil Yasar also describes the constant danger. There were many traps set by the enemy.

Tags: Busan,Daegu,Civilians,Cold winters,Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,Physical destruction,South Koreans,Weapons

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Chinese Strategy

Mehmet Cemil Yasar describes the actions of the Chinese during the Korean War. The Chinese engaged in a strategy of pulling the Allies further north. This created problems for re-supplying Allied forces. Also, this helped the Chinese re-supply, because they were closer to Manchuria. Mehmet Cecil Yasar also describes how the Chinese forces were very well trained.

Tags: Pyungyang,Chinese,Communists,Front lines

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