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Lynwood Ingham


Lynwood Ingham was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1934.  He attended public school before he enlisted in the Marine Corps.  Lynwood Ingham was stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina, as well as Atlanta, Georgia, as a part of the station operation engineering (SOES).  He was a sergeant as an aircraft mechanic and was discharged in February 1956. After his discharge, he went to the University of Florida and later began working for Sears.  Lynwood Ingham’s current hobbies include sports.

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Prior Knowledge of Korea

Lynwood Ingham was in high school when the Korean War broke out, but he wasn't taught about Korea at school. Instead, he was kept in the loop because his older brother, Walter Ingham Jr., was fighting in the Korean War as a Marine. The brothers didn't speak much about the Korean War when Walter Ingham returned from the war because that's when Lynwood Ingham went away on active duty.

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Lynwood Ingham Entered the Marine Corps

Lynwood Ingham went into the reserves as a 17 year old in high school while attending reserve meetings. From 1954-1956, he went into active duty and then again for 3 months over the summer. When on active duty, he was at Cherry Point, North Carolina and Atlanta.

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Korean War Veteran Even Though He Never Went to Korea

Lynwood Ingham was not aware that he is considered a Korean War veteran even though he never went to Korea. Since he was on active duty from 1954 through 1956, the US government considers Lynwood Ingham and all active military a Korean War veteran. He was very pleased to hear this.

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Modern Korea

Lynwood Ingham appreciates all the soldiers today who are trying to end communism on the Korean peninsula. Like many other countries around the world, the US wants to help the people by getting rid of communism. The US and South Korea have a strong friendship and trade-relationship because of the Korean War.

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