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Lloyd Hellman


Lloyd Hellman grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, during the Great Depression and graduated from Paseo High School in 1948. He studied business at the University of Missouri. He was exempt from service while at the University of Missouri but was drafted into the United States Marines on December 10, 1951, six months after graduating college. He arrived in Korea in September of 1953 and stayed for one year. While in Korea, he served near the 38th parallel, guiding airplanes back to the King Three Airport. He is amazed at the transformation Korea has made in the decades since the ceasefire ended hostilities.

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Drafted in the Marines or Commissioned in the Navy?

Lloyd Hellman discusses his efforts to secure a commission in the US Navy after he graduated college. He talks about being drafted in the Marines and then finding out he received his commission in the Navy at Marine boot camp, but at that point he would have had to apply for a Marine commission so nothing ever happened.

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Guiding Planes

Lloyd Hellman describes working in four hour shifts as an air traffic controller. He worked to help guide the planes back to the King Three airport after they flew up to the 38th parallel. This took place after the ceasefire.

Tags: Living conditions,Pride,Weapons

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Korea then and now

Lloyd Hellman visited Seoul in 1954 and said there were no buildings of any size, just Korean huts. The biggest building was the United States PX. He describes seeing Seoul on TV when he was home in Kansas City when President Eisenhower visited and he was amazed at the change. He said he can't imagine what the North Korean leader thinks when he sees modern South Korea.

Tags: Seoul,Living conditions,Modern Korea,North Koreans,South Koreans

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