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Leslie Fuhrman


Leslie Fuhrman was born on July 29, 1928 in Inez, Texas. After graduation from Patti Welder High School in 1945, he studied mathematics for two years at nearby Victoria Junior College before being drafted into the US Army in December 1950. He attended basic training and field artillery at Fort Hood, Texas afterwards attending OCS training at Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania and Antiaircraft/Guided Missile school at Fort Bliss, Texas. Upon completion of his training, he was deployed to Korea and arrived in Pusan on New Year’s Eve, 1952 and, as a Second Lieutenant, was assigned to command an Antiaircraft Operations unit near the town of Sosa, Korea. He commanded his post for the next 12 months before being rotated back the the United States and discharged from the Army in December 1953. He was married and started a family and joined the US Army Reserves where he served an additional 20 years. Today, he lives in Texas and is active in the Korean War Veterans Association.

Video Clips

Antiaircraft Operations Unit

Leslie Fuhrman describes the operation of the antiaircraft unit that he commanded near Sosa, Korea.

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Daily Life in an Antiaircraft Operations Unit

Leslie Fuhrman describes the daily living conditions in the Antiaircraft Operations Unit that he commanded near Sosa, Korea.

Tags: Seoul,Food,Front lines,Living conditions

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Military Pay in Korea

Leslie Fuhrman talks about the pay he received as a 2nd Lieutenant during his time in Korea.

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