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Leo Glover


Leo Glover enlisted with the Navy in 1948.  After completing basic training in San Diego, California he was stationed in Japan.  From Japan, his unit was tasked with picking up soldiers at the Chosin Reservoir, providing security, and weather patrol. He served three tours of duty in Korea during the conflict, though never stepped foot on Korean soil. Later in his life, he used the GI Bill to to attend the University of Houston. He then re-joined the Armed Forces as a soldier in the Army and served in the Vietnam War.

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It shook us up

Leo Glover recalls what he most remembers from his tours in Korea. He describes one particular mission to fly into the Chosin Reservoir to retrieve men and fly them to safety. He explains that the plane's skin was very thin and the men feared grazing a piece of ice would be disastrous.

Tags: 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir, 11/27-12/13,Cold winters,Fear

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Foreign Foods

Leo Glover describes his interactions with foreign troops who assisted the South Korean forces during the war. He recalls time spent with Australian troops with whom they shared a base. He explains his distaste for the Australian food, particularly Bubble and Squeak. He recalls dressing in a flight suit and pretending to be an Airman in order to sneak into the Air Force cafeteria and eat their food.

Tags: Food,Living conditions

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Good time and bad times

Leo Glover describes some of the better and worst times he experienced during the war. He recalls his appreciation for the friendliness and togetherness of those he served with in the seaplane outfit. He describes several tragedies that occurred including the loss of a man to drunk driving. He goes on to explain what it was like to fly through winter storms in Korea, elaborating on the extreme cold and huge ice chips stuck on the plane.

Tags: Cold winters

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