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Leland Wallis


Leland Wallis was born in Illinois on February 24, 1930. He graduated high school in 1949, and after high school, he worked in various factories. He was drafted in 1951, and landed in Korea in 1952. He served as a Corporal in the 96th Field Artillery. Leland Wallis and his A Company supported the 25th, 40th, 44th, and a Turkish infantry division while serving in Korea. He spent two of his birthdays in Korea, but finally made it back home in 1953. Leland Wallis has been active with the Korean War Veteran’s Association since 1997, and he enjoys reminiscing with other veterans.

Video Clips

A soldier's life

This clip conveys the conditions that soldiers faced in the Korean War including cold weather, and dangerous situations with enemy snipers. Leland Wallis also describes his endearing interactions with South Koreans who helped out in the camps.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Living conditions

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Learning about Korea

Leland Wallis graduated high school in 1949. When asked about what he knew about Korea, Leland recalls never learning anything in school about Korea or most of Asia. He does recall learning about Japan in relation to World War II.

Tags: Prior knowledge of Korea

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Reflecting on Korea

Leland Wallis discusses his feelings about Korea's progress since the war. Leland discusses how great the country of Korea has become since what he saw in the war. The only big city he saw was Seoul and part of Incheon. Leland Wallis discusses his pride in serving the country in Korea.

Tags: Incheon,Seoul,Pride

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Seeing Busan

Leland Wallis describes seeing Busan after being destroyed. He remembers seeing huts, shacks and the difficult life of the people.

Tags: Busan,Living conditions,Physical destruction

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