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L. Timothy Whitmore


L. T. Whitmore was born in Dayton, Ohio on November 15, 1935. He spent much of his childhood with his grandparents in Ontario, Canada and later graduated from Greenville High School in Ohio. After graduation, he attended Wittenburg College in Springfield, Ohio before he enlisted in the US Air Force on December 16, 1953. After basic training and medic training in San Antonio, Texas, he was ordered to Korea. He arrived at K-2 Air Base (Daegu) in March of 1954, and was a part of the Hospital as an Airman First Class. Working as a medic, he received the Korean Service and UN Service medals for his commitments. He departed Korea in June of 1955 but stayed in the Air Force in various capacities as an OR technician, Technical Instructor, and 1st Sergeant. He applied for and received a position in a physician assistant training program before being discharged on June 31, 1976. He made a career as a physician’s assistant after his time in the Air Force. Presently, he serves as Commander of Tidewater Chapter 191 of the KWVA. His hobbies now include photography.

Video Clips

Strange Assignments in Post War Korea

L.T. Whitmore talks about some one of the jobs he was assigned (food inspection) after his arrival at K-2 Airbase (Daegu) in 1954.

Tags: Daegu,Food,Living conditions

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Treating Disease at K-2 Airbase

L.T. Whitmore describes his job as a lab technician at K-2 Airbase just after the armistice, treating airmen and soldiers afflicted with venereal diseases.

Tags: Daegu,Impressions of Korea

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What Could I Do?

L.T. Whitmore recalls some of his most vivid memories of his time in Korea, describing refugees and how they lived and caring for Koreans in hospitals.

Tags: Daegu,Impressions of Korea

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Living Conditions at K-2 Airbase

L.T. Whitmore describes the living conditions at K-2 Airbase (Daegu) in Korea in 1954.

Tags: Daegu,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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