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Kenneth E. Moorhead


Kenneth E. Moorhead grew up during the Great Depression and World War II, moving from Massachusetts, Vermont, and then Connecticut.  His father served as a chaplain during WWII, and helped him decide to enlist into the Army after growing tired of commuting from his hometown to his college town, where he was studying Agriculture.  He attended basic training at Fort Dix and then was one of forty eight soldiers chosen to attend West Point.  He was assigned to the Combat Arms Detachment in Korea and served as a Battle Casualties Reporter.

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Kenneth E. Moorhead describes his living conditions while serving in Korea. He discusses some of his most difficult experiences with the freezing weather as well as food rations and mailing letters home. He recalls the weather at night would often be twenty degrees below freezing and though he was from New England, he still found the winter to be difficult. He goes on to describe eating c-rations mostly but upon occasion receiving b-rations which were more substantial.

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Casualty Reporting

Kenneth E. Moorhead describes his job responsibilities in Korea as a Battle Casualties Reporter. He explains the details of this job included accounting for anyone who was killed, wounded or injured in action and prepare reports and statistics on these soldiers. He goes on to explain that this job was very shocking and caused him to reflect upon who was fighting in war.

Tags: Anyang,Incheon,Impressions of Korea

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A Typical Day

Kenneth E. Moorhead describes his typical day during his service in Korea. He was a part of the rear, not engaged with direct combat. He explains that his duties were more behind the scenes with paperwork in an office setting.

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