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Kenneth D. Cox


Kenneth D. Cox was drafted into the Army in 1951 and was stationed in various locations around Seoul and Teagu during the Korean War. He offers an account of his service in the 44th Engineer Battalion as a Corporal, specializing in engineering and construction. He details one of the more rewarding times spent with Korean children during his service. He comments on the changes made in South Korea since the war and is proud of the development. He shares a unique story of meeting a South Korean woman in Hawaii who happened to live near one of the hospitals he helped construct while serving, and he further elaborates on his pride in what South Korea has become today.

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Rewarding Experiences with Children

Kenneth Cox recalls one of the most rewarding times during his service. He recounts offering food to child laborers and remembers a musical experience. He shares that the children would sing songs learned from missionaries while working, and he states that he would join in with them for particular songs he knew.

Tags: Civilians,Food,Pride,South Koreans

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Korea Past and Present

Kenneth Cox shares memories of Korea past and present. He comments on the major changes made in South Korea since the time of the war he noticed while on his revisit and recounts a story centering on firewood. He adds that he is proud of the outcome.

Tags: Incheon,Seoul,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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A Unique Meeting in Hawaii

Kenneth Cox shares a story of meeting a Korean waitress in Hawaii years after his service in Korea. He recounts that she lived near the hospital the 44th Engineer Battalion built near Teagu. He recalls exchanging a few memories and catching up on its present state.

Tags: Daegu,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans,Women

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The Broken Hearts Helped Rebuild Korea

Kenneth Cox elaborates on how the 44th Engineering outfit got its Broken Heart name. He recounts how a newspaper article title encouraged the outfit to mark all of their equipment and construction endeavors with a black broken heart. He shares how his engineering outfit helped rebuild Korea.

Tags: Home front,Modern Korea,Pride

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