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Julio Cesar Mercado Martinez


Julio Cesar Mercado Martinez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, eventually drafted into the United States Army, serving in Korea following the ceasefire Armistice. He recounts his memories of Pusan upon arrival and details the war torn, poverty stricken area with emotion. He shares a touching personal story of befriending a boy he looked after for a short time frame. He speaks of the importance of peace and living in harmony with others. His experiences during his time in Korea lead him to encourage kind treatment of others.

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The Poverty of Korea and Puerto Rico

Julio Cesar Mercado Martinez recounts sad memories of Pusan when he arrived. He remembers seeing hunger in the war torn areas of Korea. He compares the poverty to that he had witnessed in Puerto Rico and emphasizes that war is a terrible thing. He adds that Korea has changed immensely since then, becoming a major world power.

Tags: Busan,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,Poverty

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Befriending Charlie

Julio Cesar Mercado Martinez shares that seeing the children in Korea experiencing poverty made him more family oriented. He recounts a touching story about a boy he befriended in South Korea. He shares that he offered food to the boy, receiving hugs in return.

Tags: Civilians,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Orphanage,Poverty,South Koreans

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Living in Peace with Others

Julio Cesar Mercado Martinez shares his hope for all war and discrimination in the world to end. He emphasizes the importance of living in peace with others. He encourages everyone to treat others kindly.

Tags: Home front,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Pride

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