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Josh Morimoto


Born in Hawaii in 1943, Joshua T. Morimoto later became a Korean War Defense Veteran in the Army. He landed in Korea in 1974 and describes his memories of landing in Korea and how they compared to his expectations. He also explains how South Korea at that time was much more modern than North Korea. His college education proved to be beneficial as he was able to take his business knowledge and apply it to managing clubs in Korea. Overall, Joshua T. Morimoto is very proud of his service and how it assisted Korea.

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Expectations of Korea

Having learned about Korea while growing up in Hawaii, Joshua T. Morimoto had some expectations as to what he thought Korea would look like when he arrived in 1974. To his surprise, Korea was much more modern than the images he saw in textbooks. He explains the advancements that Korea made and how thankful the Korean people are for their help.

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Modernization of South Korea

Joshua T. Morimoto further explains how modern South Korea was in the 1970s compared to North Korea. He explains how this was similar to the differences between East and West Germany. He states that traveling throughout the world can really be eye-opening.

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Business in the Military

Joshua T. Morimoto attended college and found that his time there studying business proved to be very helpful when he went to Korea as an officer. His background successfully helped him manage people and an automated system in a 32-club system. His expertise even led to an award for a quick conversion of the systems.

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