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John Juby


John Juby was born in in Ipswich, England.  He left school at fourteen years of age to work in an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker for five years.  After his draft notification, he was allowed to finish his apprenticeship before joining the British Army in 1950.  He initially went through training with the Middlesex Regiment before being transferred into the Royal Norfolk Regiment.  Upon deployment, he was on a ship that sailed out of Southampton, through the Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal, then on to Hong Kong over a four week period.  After landing at Busan, he was placed in a detachment of Pioneers for the Royal Norfolk Regiment, working to fulfill duties assigned.  Upon his return home, he continued carpentry work and was able to revisit Korea on four occasions.

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Expertise as a Pioneer

John Juby had a variety of jobs while serving in the Pioneer detachment, including purifying water for the troops and fulfilling patrol duties. He recalls having to take a course on how to test and treat water. He explains that living in dugouts and trenches during warfare calls for the need for expertise on clean drinking water.

Tags: Food,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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Losing a Friend on the Front Line

John Juby shares his experience of losing a close friend who died on the front line after being hit by an incoming mortar. He explains having to wrap up the body and take it the American Graves Registration Service. He describes the scene of the location of where the deceased bodies of soldiers were dropped off.

Tags: Front lines,Home front,Letters,Personal Loss,Weapons

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Dangerous Conditions in Korea

John Juby explains how he was wounded from being scratched by barbed wire. He describes his duties as a part of the detachment of Pioneers, and explains why soldiers have differing experiences. He recalls being fired upon by American soldiers who did not detect the presence of the British troops who were nearby.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Weapons

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