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James R. Kaleohano


James Kaleohano was born on May 25, 1933 in Hawaii.  He joined the army on July 20, 1950. He was a part of the 25th Infantry Division and flew from Hawaii to Japan and then on to Korea.  He landed in Korea in mid November with freezing temperatures and no winter clothing.  After serving in Korea during three tours, he later served in Vietnam.

Video Clips

Replacement Company

James Kaleohano arrives in Korea and his company is replacing the company that was just ambushed. They are transported in cattle cars to the front lines in North Korea. James's company goes straight to the front line and he is given the job of a machine gunner.

Tags: Pyungyang,Cold winters,Fear,Front lines

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I willed myself to live.

In this video James Kaleohano describes the brutal winters in Korea. Coming from Hawaii, his company had no winter clothing. The Chinese army pushed them back to Seoul. It was so cold that sometimes the weapons did not even fire.

Tags: Seoul,Chinese,Cold winters,Living conditions

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