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James “Jim” Wetmore


James Wetmore was born in Harvey, Illinois. He enlisted with the US Army in 1951, attended Basic Training at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky and afterwards advanced to Non-commissioned Officer School and volunteered to go to Korea.  He arrived at Incheon in January 1952 and was stationed with the 25th Division/35th Regiment/Company A/1st Platoon/1st Squadron near the Punch Bowl.  He participated in the winter and spring campaigns of 1952 and was on the front lines as a BAR Rifleman.  He was seriously wounded by a mortar and spent ten months in the hospital undergoing operations and rehabilitation; ultimately being awarded a Purple Heart.

Video Clips

B-29 Crash

Jim Wetmore describes an evening when he witnessed a fiery B-29 crash just past where his unit was camped. He recalls a bright light in the sky and realized as the plane passed overhead that the magnesium aboard the plane had caught fire. He remembers he heard two explosions: the first when the plane crashed and the second when the bombs on the plane exploded.

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Dead Marine in the Snow

Jim Wetmore recalls an incident when he and some fellow soldiers discovered a frozen Marine in the snow. He explains that he and some men in his unit were throwing Russian hand grenades down a hill for fun to see who could make the biggest explosion. He saw a hand sticking up out of the snow and called for a patrol to come inspect the situation. They found the body of a marine wearing only fatigues and a tee shirt. He assumes the man had escaped imprisonment and was caught in the snow and froze to death.

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You Never hear the One That Hit You

Jim Wetmore describes being seriously wounded by a mortar and his evacuation from the battlefield in the Punch Bowl area on April 11, 1952. He explains that the saying is true: you never hear the one that hit you. He describes awaking face down in a fighting hole, helmet full of blood, broken jaw and a deep face wound so badly gaping he could stick his fingers inside the wound. He goes on to describe being evacuated down a mountain on a ski cablecar and being too afraid to look down.

Tags: Fear,Front lines

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