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Ismail Pasoglu


Ismail Pasoglu served in the Turkish Army Artillery Division. He joined the army in 1951 and went to Korea in 1952. Sandbag Castle was one of the larger engagements that he served at. He is very proud of the Turkish fighting spirit. He believes that the Turkish fighters saved the War for the Allies. Ismail Pasoglu has re-visited Korea on two separate occasions. On one occasion, he revisited with then President of Turkey, Abdullah Gül.

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Valiant Turkish Soldiers

Ismail Pasoglu describes the Turkish soldier. He describes the opinion that the United States wanted to pull out of the war. However, the Turkish soldiers arrived and changed this attitude. The Turkish soldiers advanced after the Chinese counter-offensive. Therefore, this advancement help the US stay in the war. Koreans are proud of Turkish support in the Korean War.

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Experiences along the Front

Ismail Pasoglu describes the fighting conditions at Sandbag Castle. Sandbag Castle experienced very fierce fighting. He also describes conditions of Seoul. He describes Seoul as being destroyed and in ruins. At another front, he describes twenty-six straight hours of shelling. Shelling for that long was dangerous for those shelling. The heat from the mortars could explode the shells while still in the box.

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Revisiting Korea with President Abdullah Gül

Ismail Pasoglu describes how he has re-visited Korea on two occasions. Korea has really transformed in the years since the war. He and his fellow veterans could not recognize any locations. On one trip to Korea, he attended with President of Turkey Abdullah Gül. Korea has rapidly developed since the Korean War.

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