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Hussen Mohammed Omar


Hussen Mohammed Omar served in the Ethiopian military during the Korean War. He was part of the Third Kagnew Battalion. His previous experience with an aggressor nation, Italy, caused him to volunteer. His father was killed by the Italians. Hussen Mohammed Omar follows the Islamic faith. His faith and seeing the suffering of the people made him want to contribute even more. He donated some of his salaries to help create an orphanage for the people. Above all, Hussen Mohammed Omar is proud of his service and helping people in need.

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Atonement for Father's Killing

Hussen Mohammed Omar describes why he joined the military. Ethiopia was invaded by the Italians during the 1930's. His father imprisoned and later killed for causing problems. He wanted to help protect other families from his experience.

Tags: Home front,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Personal Loss,Pride

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Money for an Orphanage

Hussen Mohammed Omar describes the condition of the people in Korea. People were in bad shape. He describes how the Ethiopian soldiers donated money to help build an orphanage. Once the orphanage was built, soldiers continued to donate money to keep it running.

Tags: Euijeongbu,Civilians,Food,Living conditions,Orphanage,Physical destruction,Poverty,Pride

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Relations Between Korea and Veterans

Hussen Mohammed Omar describes how the relationship between the Korean government and the veterans is strong. The Korean government pays soldiers a salary. They also help build schools in Ethiopia and provide a scholarship.

Tags: Seoul,Home front,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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