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Howard W. Bradshaw


Howard W. Bradshaw was born October 12, 1927 in Beaver, Utah.  After graduation in 1945, he was called by the LDS church to do missionary work in San Francisco, CA on a Native American Reservation and returned in 1949.  After hearing news on the radio and in newspapers about the Korean War, Howard Bradshaw would soon be called to service in the spring of 1951 where he would conduct Army basic training at Fort Lewis, WA and Fort Lee, VA.  Then he was sent to Pusan at the end of 1951 as a Personnel Supervisor  (PVT) to the 6th Army, 98th QM BT.   In this position, he had the opportunity to teach English and his faith to many Korean people.  Both he and his wife corresponding through letters shared their experiences while apart.  Howard Bradshaw’s wife, Laverne, shared her experiences while on the home front with a new baby, and she described how they would each write letters daily to keep their morale high while he was away.

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Howard Bradshaw's Love for Orphaned Koreans

Howard Bradshaw encountered many orphans during his time in Korea. He offered them candy and expressed his love for these kids.
Howard Bradshaw took pictures of these children while he was there during the Korean War.

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English and the Mormon Church

Howard Bradshaw spoke of a professor from Cornell University and the soldiers who came to Korea during the war. They helped to organize English courses for the Korean civilians and they spoke about the Latter Day Saints. A Mormon temple is now located in Korea and it's estimated that over 125,000 Koreans are Mormons.

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Writing Home

Howard Bradshaw wrote to his wife every day. In the letters, he described the impact he'd made on the Korean people through his faith. Howard Bradshaw felt that these letters saved his life by giving him comfort and joy.

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Service To My Country

Howard Bradshaw felt so proud to be in a country where one can serve to protect the very freedoms we enjoy. He also believed that the ability to choose and honor is the greatest gift he received serving for his country. He's so proud to be able to wave the American flag.

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a Soldier's Wife Remembers Life Without Her Loved One

Laverne Bradshaw, just like Howard Bradshaw, spent every night writing letters to each other. She described how she grew a vegetable garden to save money while her neighbors would shoot a deer to help feed Laverne Bradshaw's family. Howard Bradshaw wrote about how he would help to feed orphans while he was away in Korea.

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Laverne Bradshaw's Perspective After Visiting Korea

Letters Howard Bradshaw wrote home described in such detail what is was like in Korea. Laverne Bradshaw was well-informed about his surroundings while away. When she had the chance to see modern Korea for the first time, they described the large amount of buildings from Seoul to Pusan and they thought it was gorgeous.

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