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Howard Street


Howard Street was born on April 17, 1933, in Boston, MA, and enlisted in the Army following high school. He explains that he completed his basic training at 3 separate camps and specialized in amphibious tanks. He recounts arriving in Korea right after the cease fire in July of 1953, landing in Pusan. He recalls destruction he saw and the difficulties he faced while serving. He is proud of his service and has no regrets.

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Prior Knowledge of Korea and Basic Training

Howard Street expresses that he knew nothing about Korea at the time of his enlistment other than there was a war going on there. He recounts his basic training and shares that he specialized in amphibious tanks. He adds that he arrived in Pusan, Korea, right after the ceasefire.

Tags: Busan,Basic training,Home front,Impressions of Korea

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Destruction Everywhere

Howard Street recounts Pusan's terrible condition. He remembers everything being destroyed, even in Seoul. He recalls that he and other soldiers rode a train north for 2 plus days with little food and that people were throwing things at their train.

Tags: Busan,Seoul,Food,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction

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Difficulties Faced

Howard Street shares that his most difficult obstacle in Korea was keeping clean. He recalls it being tough to find a shower and good food. He recounts having to sleep on the ground in tents, even in snow as high as six feet and temperatures below 40 degrees.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Living conditions,South Koreans,Women

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Korea Today and Legacy

Howard Street shares that he is proud of his service in Korea and has no regrets. He offers his thoughts on the firing of MacArthur by Truman. He mentions that it was a big mistake and feels that they would have been better off had he stayed in command.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Pride

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