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Hartwell Champagne


Hartwell Champagne shares how he joined the Army as a 17-year-old. He describes how he felt as he arrived in Taejon with the first replacements for the 24th Infantry Division.  He shares his injuries and experience as a prisoner by the Chinese.  He describes his time as a prisoner in two Chinese POW camps.  He shares his insight on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it affected him after returning home.

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Thoughts on PTSD

Hartwell Champagne attempts to explain his definition of this frequent consequence of war. He shares how he has visions of the war. He explains certain memories that have stayed with him. He shares his personal process with these visions and how it stays with him for days.

Tags: Depression

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Life in a POW Camp

Hartwell Champagne describes time spent in a Chinese POW camp during the war. He shares how he would pick up injured men and what he had to do with the dead. He describes the harsh realities he faced while in Camps 3.

Tags: Chinese,Cold winters,Living conditions,POW

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This Was My Life

Hartwell Champagne describes his experience living in Chinese POW Camp 5. He shares his responsibility for gathering firewood for the camp. He also shares how he would gather water, which provided him much needed strength. He explains how this gave him a sense of purpose when many of the other prisoners of war experienced hopelessness and despair.

Tags: Chinese,Depression,Food,Living conditions,POW

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