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Harry Castro


Harry Castro shares how he played baseball in his youth. He had been working as a sheet metal worker but felt restricted by the martial law in place at Pearl Harbor, so he enlisted in the Army. Following basic training in Tyler, Texas, he shares the sights of the war he saw traveling through the Pacific. He describes his first impression of Korea and his experiences during the time spent docked in the Inchon harbor in 1945.

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Experiences at Incheon in 1945

Harry Castro described experiencing snow for the first time. He shares that he spent Thanksgiving there. He describes the visuals of the area. He shares that they had no weapons and were there due to a typhoon. He shares the destruction he saw in other places as well.

Tags: Incheon,Cold winters,Front lines,Living conditions,Physical destruction

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Food for Thought

Harry Castro shares how he ate on the ship. He explains that some days he didn't have lunch. He explains that for the most part he was fed.

Tags: Incheon,Food

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