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Gregorio Roxas


Gregorio Roxas enlisted in the Philippine Armed Forces in 1950 and volunteered to serve in the Philippines Expeditionary Forces to Korea. After he arrived in Busan in 1951, he recalls interacting with Korean soldiers on the frontline and sharing resources. While on duty he would spend two months on the frontline and then would rotate out. During these rotations off of the line, he would sometimes go to Seoul and remembers it not being a nice place. He fondly remembers working with a Korean boy in the bunker and the bunker being the best place during the winter months.

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Winters and Children in the Bunker

Gregorio Roxas shares how the winters were the hardest part of his service but the bunkers on the frontline were the best place to be during these months. While in the bunker, he remembers Korean children being with the soldiers. He recalls interactions with one Korean boy who he met in the bunker.

Tags: Civilians,Cold winters,Front lines,Living conditions

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