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Gordon Evans


Gordon Evans served in World War II in the South Pacific with the Navy and in the Korean War with the Army as a Switchboard Operator. He completed his basic training at Camp Cook in California. He had a houseboy who he met on the side of the road when it was cold, and the boy had no jacket. He bought him a jacket and paid him to be his houseboy. He said the orphanages were full, and the children suffered the most in war. Living conditions in Korea were pretty cold and harsh, and he was happy to come home on a hospital ship. He found the Korean people very nice, but he did not have much interaction with KATUSA’s.

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Living Conditions

He recalls having to dig a hole in the ground and putting a tent over it. They would then put a pot belly stove on top for warmth. He remembers only having a hot bath once in six months. When he was getting ready to leave, he recalls being deliced and the they were lined up like animals and sprayed in order to kill the lice. He recalls having fun with his buddies and one Filipino bringing his fighting rooster with him, making it to the front lines with it.

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