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Gerald Spandorf


Gerald Spandorf was born on June 15, 1935 in the Bronx Borough of New York City.  After high school, he enlisted in the US Navy.  He received basic training at the US Naval Training Center at Bainbridge, Maryland.  He was assigned to a ship in Newport, Rhode Island and traveled the world while visiting more than 17 countries during his time in service.  Today, he lives in New York and is active in the Korean War Veteran Association.

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Patriotism, A Better Life, and Water Brought Me to the Navy

Gerald Spandorf volunteered for the Navy because he loved to swim and to be in the water. He also wanted to serve his country. For basic training, he went to Bay Bridge, Maryland and then he was assigned a his ship in Road Island.

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Friend or Foe?

Gerald Spandorf's ship traveled the world including 16 countries while in the Navy. One time during a bad storm, he was allowed to de-board in England to protect himself. When his ship went to the Netherlands, Gerald Spandorf's ship was left in port because the native people didn't like Americans due to the bombing that they did during WWII.

Tags: Fear,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Pride,Weapons

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Traveling with the Navy

Gerald Spandorf loved when his ship was in port because the sailors were able to walk around different countries. In Germany, the Germans asked him his name and they loved him because he had a strong German name. Gerald Spandorf told them that the Germans didn't like his family because his parents and grandparents are jews.

Tags: Civilians,Fear,Living conditions,Personal Loss,Pride,Weapons

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Concerns About North Korea Today

Gerald Spandorf felt mad at North Korea because they are test bombing different areas around Korea. He's afraid that their bombing will start another war and he doesn't want anything bad to happen to the Korean people. Since he's been out of the Navy, Gerald Spandorf has been learning more about the Korean people and they have all been so sweet to him.

Tags: 2016 4th and 5th nuclear tests, 1/6 and 9/9,Civilians,Fear,Home front,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,North Koreans,Physical destruction,Pride,South Koreans,Weapons

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