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George Padar


George Padar was born in Matesalka, Hungary on March 8, 1941.  He left Hungary at the end of World War II as a refuge when his family was sponsored to come to the United States to work on a farm in update New York. He completed ROTC at Cornell University where he also studied wildlife sciences. In 1963 George Padar joined the United States Army where he served for several decades through the most recent wars, including Desert Storm. He explains how his work related to his own experiences as a refugee in Europe. His personal life was well-connected into his military life as he grew up to help people who had been in the situation he experienced previously.

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Desert Storm

George Padar tells of his work in the Civil Affairs Unit. His job was to work to win the hearts and mind of the local population as it related to the refugees. He also assisted with government and non government agencies to assist refugees who were suffering in war torn areas.

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Joining the Military

George Padar explains that he went into the active duty military service in 1963 rather than moving with his parents. He remembers that he went to Fort Knox before being sent to Germany as an officer. Prior to this, he had gone through ROTC at Cornell University where he studied wildlife management.

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