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Frederick Schram


Frederick Schram grew up in San Francisco, California, attending a high school that overlooked the Golden Gate Bridge. With the encouragement of a retired Army major who was one of his professors at junior college, he joined the United States Army reserves in 1952 and was activated into the regular Army in 1953 as part of the 25th Division. He arrived in Korea after the Armistice and was assigned to work with KMAG, the Korean Military Advisory Group, to assist in the recovery of South Korea. One of the projects he worked on was the reconstruction of the Korean railroad near Busan.

Video Clips

Arriving at Incheon

Frederick Schram describes first impressions of Korea. He arrived by ship to a city annihilated from shelling. Frederick remembers his first encounters with Koreans and describes distributing bars of soap to desperate people.

Tags: Incheon,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction,Poverty

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Potpourri From Around the World

Frederick describes his first assignment in Dongducheon. He was encamped in a valley with soldiers from all over the world including Turks, Danes, and Brits. He vividly remembers Australian parties in the evenings. Frederick also recounts joining KMAG, the Korean Military Advisory Group, to work directly with Koreans in Busan.

Tags: Busan,Daegu,Dongducheon,Civilians,Living conditions,South Koreans

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KMAG & the Railroad

Frederick Schram describes his time with KMAG working on the reconstruction of the railroad near Busan. KMAG was a critical component in the rebuilding of the South after the war. He describes the challenge of the work and the surrounding destruction and poverty.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction,Pride,South Koreans

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