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Franklin M. Sarver, Jr.


Franklin Sarver, Jr. joined the United States National Guard in June of 1948.  This led to his re-enlistment in 1951 and eventually he received orders to serve in the Korean War. He experienced many duties as a Sergeant while developing a great friendship with a Korean soldier. He experienced casualties in his regiment that affected him deeply.

Video Clips

Calculation of Combat Pay

Franklin Sarver, Jr. describes the responsibility he was assigned to calculating enlisted men's pay. He shares how he and a small group of men handled the payment of soldiers. He explains the criteria necessary to receive combat pay.

Tags: Chuncheon,Front lines

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Thought on North Korea and "The Forgotten War"

Franklin Sarver, Jr. shares his thoughts on the situation in modern North Korea. He contrasts North Korea with South Korea. He shares his thoughts on why the Korea War is considered a "Forgotten" War.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,North Koreans

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Losing One's Lunch

Franklin M. Sarver, Jr. describes being on the ship heading to Asia. He describes the seasickness him and others experiences. He shares memories of that time on the ship.

Tags: Front lines,Living conditions

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The Armistice

Franklin M. Sarver, Jr. explains how he was in the middle of fighting when the Armistice was signed. He shared the struggle of getting a count of all the men within 48 hours. He shares how the job got done.

Tags: 1953 Armistice 7/27,Front lines

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