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Frank Montolio


Frank Montolio was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1931. While attending business school, he was drafted into the US Army in 1952 where he served as a Supply Sergeant. He recalls how to of his high school friends who joined the military really had a rough time. He explains his reaction to being drafted at the time. Towards the end of his interview, Frank Montolio explains how critical it was for the US to have been involved in the war. He is proud of his service and what was accomplished.

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Legacy of Korean War

Frank Montolio talks about the American presence in Korea as being so crucial for the development of the country. He describes how we abated the growth of Communism and allowed the country to flourish. He believes it was the right thing to do at the time.

Tags: Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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Football Leads to Korea

Frank Montolio describes how two of his high school friends ended up in Korea and suffered physical consequences. Because they were unable to play first-string football after receiving a full-scholarship, the two young men joined the Navy reserves in order to actively play. However, they were soon given orders to go to Korea where, unfortunately, they got severe frostbite on their feet.

Tags: Cold winters,Living conditions

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Reaction to Being Drafted

Frank Montolio explains his reaction to being drafted in 1952. He remembers as a young person that he felt immortal so he didn't have a major fear or concern. However, he was also proud because he knew it was his honorable duty as a citizen to not resist the draft and do his best.

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