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Frank Lewis


Frank Lewis may have never physically been to Korea, but his time in the military during that era was life-changing for him. He explains what it was like in the Navy, including the living conditions on the ship and a “new way of life” he experienced.  This time had a major impact on his perspective as he became independent and disciplined while traveling the world to support the war effort. Frank Lewis shares a message for young people about why they should join the military.

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Living Conditions on a Naval Ship

Frank Lewis describes what life was like on a ship in the Navy. He explains the sleeping arrangements and states that he enjoyed the food. He argues that it was a "new way of life" in which you had to get along with a lot of people in a small space.

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Impact of Service

Frank Lewis describes how his life changed for the better because he was in the Navy. Having to meet new people, follow orders, and be independent for the first time, Frank Lewis said that the service helped "make a man out of him." Among the biggest lessons were to follow orders and practice discipline.

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Message to Young People

Frank Lewis argues that the military is a positive experience for young people. He believes it will teach them to stand on their own because they are no longer with their parents. He also states that it will be beneficial for youth to learn to follow orders.

Tags: Pride

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