Korean War Legacy Project

Frank Churchward


Frank Churchward describes his attempt to sign up for a two-year enlistment after high school.  He explains he learned about the Korean War on the radio. He explains how he was informed was that the situation in Korea under control so they didn’t need him to commit to active duty when he went to enlist.  He explains that he joined the National Guard in November of 1953, and eventually enlisted in the Army in 1954.  He describes his extensive training and his time in Korea after the war working with a Combat Engineering Company to build roads and bridges from Seoul to the DMZ.

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Rebuilding Efforts in Korea

Frank Churchward explains his job as part of a Combat Engineering Company. He explains how he supported infrastructure rebuilding efforts through preventative maintenance and repair. He describes the large area of land he was responsible for maintaining. He shares how the roads were created and the jobs that entailed.

Tags: Masan,Seoul,Physical destruction

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Arriving in Korea Busan to Incheon

Frank Churchward describes his arrival in Korea. He explains how he landed in Busan to Icheon. He shares about a project that was finishing up when he arrived. He also shares how the area has since changed.

Tags: Busan,Incheon,Yeonpyeong,Front lines,Modern Korea

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Newlywed Abroad

Frank Churchward discusses leaving for Korea less than two months after his wedding day. He discusses how he felt down during the rainy season. He shares about writing and receiving letters from his new bride.

Tags: Depression,Letters

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