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Ezra Franklin Williams


Ezra Frank Williams was born on February 2, 1933 in Missouri.  He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on November 28, 1951. During his period of service in Korea during the war, he was stationed at the Front Line-Mid Sector from July 5, 1952 to June 1953.  He served as a Private in the 3rd Battalion, 7th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, G-I-H Company. In Korea, he served as an 81 mm mortar Forward Observer (FO) and participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill. For his commitments, he received a total of ten medals, including the Good Conduct Medal and the Purple Heart. After returning to the United States, he was discharged on November 27, 1954 and went into civil service.

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The Battle of Bunker Hill

Ezra Frank Williams worked as an 81mm Mortar Forward Observer in the Battle of Bunker Hill. While conducting a patrol, he was wounded in his left knee. This event was the most memorable of his time in Korea.

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"The Older I Get, The Prouder I Am"

Ezra Frank Williams is very proud of his contribution during the Korean War to fight off the North Koreans and Chinese. He has admiration for Korean immigrants that came to the United States after the war. South Koreans really show that they appreciate everything the UN did to protect their country.

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All Marines Were Headed to Korea

Ezra Frank Williams stated that he should have put his duty station as Korea because that's where the US military was sending all their Marines. Everyone laughed at him when he asked where the enemy was while in basic training in 1951. They told him that he'll really get a good look at them while he's in Korea.

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Ezra Frank Williams at the Frontline

Williams at the frontline in the living bunker. Taken in 1953.

Ezra Frank Williams at the Frontline

Williams with a Skull

Williams with a skull in the central area of Korea (around Kaesong). Taken in October of 1952.

Williams with a Skull