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Everett Kelley


Everett Kelley was drafted into the military while living in Miami, Florida; serving in the Korean War post 1953. He provides his impressions of Korea and recounts the living conditions he experienced while stationed abroad. He details the relationship status between American and South Korean soldiers during his stay. His experience sponsoring children in an orphanage greatly impacted his life. He provides his opinion on the closure of the Korean War and speaks highly of Korea, in addition to his military service, adding that he has no regrets.

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Living Conditions in Post War Korea

Everett Kelley provides his impressions of Korea when he arrived in 1976. He recounts the living conditions of American soldiers during that time as well as the status of relationships between American and South Korean soldiers. He expresses that American contributions post-1953 were focused on maintaining peace between North and South Korea while maintaining a high readiness level.

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The Impact of the Orphans

Everett Kelley shares how his service spent in Korea impacted his life in many ways. He describes his involvement in sponsoring orphaned children through various donations. He recalls the number of orphans in Korea at the time being extremely high.

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Bridging the Divide for Peace

Everett Kelley opines on the closure of the Korean War. He states that there is both a military and political solution to the question of peace but does not profess to know the answer. He explains that if any solution were to occur, it would most likely stem from a uniting of both the North and South.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,North Koreans,South Koreans

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