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Ernest Brant


Ernest Brant was born Sept 16, 1929 near Bedford, PA. His father was a coal miner who died in a coal accident, leaving his family to work the farm in order to survive.  During the holidays of 1948, Ernest Brant and his friends enlisted after seeing a friend come home as a Paratrooper. He was extremely surprised when he was not sent to Germany, but rather was sent to the “Far East Air Force.” He served as a sheet metal worker and was stationed in Guam during the war. While he never landed in Korea, he remembers servicing B52 bombers and  other aircraft.

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Joining the Far Eastern Air Force

Ernest Brant explains his surprise that he was not being sent to Germany. Instead, he was assigned to what was called the "Far Eastern Air Force", which he had never heard of, in the South Pacific. He describes experiencing a typhoon en route to the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam.

Tags: Basic training

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Repairing Aircraft

Ernest Brant explains that they were servicing B52 bombers as well as other aircraft. He states he did not go to Korea. He remembers that the closest he came was watching film footage of bomb runs that were being reviewed.

Tags: Impressions of Korea

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Deciding to Join the Military

Ernest Brant recalls when a paratrooper came back from the military. After seeing that man, he and his two friends decided that they also went to be paratroopers. After Christmas, they went down to the recruiters office.

Tags: Pride

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