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Edward A. Gallant


Edward Gallant is the last child in a family who dedicated most of the 20th century to serving their country. Although he was born in a small town in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, it didn’t hold him nor his siblings from an incredible journey as soldiers in the Army.  After enlisting in 1964, he attended basic training at Fort Dix, and then he moved to Fort Bliss, Texas, with the 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.  His rank at that point was Corporal Spec 4, as a weapons repairmen on the MSQ 28 System. Edward Gallant would continue to monitor this system that was capable of calculating trajectories that could send missiles to any desired location.  He also assisted with the training and equipping of Korean forces in a covert operating system to maintain the safety of the Korean people after the war.

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First Weapons Monitory System

Edward Gallant was assigned as a weapons monitoring repairman on a MSQ 28 System (Fort Bliss, TX). This 40 foot computer could provide 6000 miles of microwave radar which was 2 times the distance of the United States. Edward Gallant said they could see all the way to Russia. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Edward Gallant said that the Russians who had pulled their weapons out of Cuba, gave the WMD to China, and the Chinese sold it to North Korea which is why they have access to the materials they claim they have. They gave 3 of these Weapons Systems to Germany, 2 Korea, and Edward Gallant operated one that sent over 256 missiles towards their target (mission led by Howard Hughes).

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Military Service, a Family Affair

Edward Gallant followed the military tradition in his family. Some of his brothers fought in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. One of his brothers was a POW that was killed in action during the Korean War and is buried in Hawaii.

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Camp Howard (near Osan) during the Cold War

Edward Gallant is a Korean War defense veteran because he protected South Korea starting in 1966. During his time in Korea, he was stationed at Camp Howard near Osan to work on the monitoring system for missiles that could reach across many countries. This 40 foot computer was watched over constantly just in case it needed to be used during the Cold War against communists.

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