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Eduardo Sanchez, Jr.


Eduardo Sanchez was born in Laredo, Texas on November 23, 1931.  He graduated from a Catholic High School in 1951 and enlisted in the US Navy and served for 5 years.  He served on the crew that repaired ships during the Korean War. After serving in the war, he returned home to attend college. He later became a history teacher and taught college history courses.  He is grateful for his service in the war and the life he lived after his service.

Video Clips

Black Bean Soup

Eduardo Sanchez is describing his interactions with soldiers from some of the 22 nations that participated in the Korean War. As a navy repairman, he repaired ships for other nations. He provides specific details about one occurrence with the Colombian Navy where they shared black beans, something that was a rarity in the United States at the time. When repairing ships, he shared food and really enjoyed getting to know other cultures.

Tags: Busan,Yellow Sea,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Pride,Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

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Flashbacks and Nightmares

Eduardo Sanchez is describing the loss of men when they were seeking for mines. The mine seekers actually hit a mine and members of the navy who were on the three boats lost their lives. For years after the explosion, he continued to have flashbacks and nightmares of the event. This event is forever in his memory and has impacted his life overall.

Tags: Busan,Yellow Sea,Depression,Fear,Front lines,Personal Loss

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My Happiest Moments

Eduardo Sanchez remembers his happiest moments in the war came from meeting the other men who were from his home town. They called their little reunion the Mexican Village. However, it was a sad moment when they realized who would no longer be returning to the village due to the war ending. Veterans returning home found it hard to find occupations.

Tags: Civilians,Depression,Fear,G.I. Bill,Home front,Pride,Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

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